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In 2016 Caivon will start clothing production in larger supply. With a desire to be a positive affect in other people's live's, Caivon's main method is to creatively shape the customer's way to present themselves. That's not all they want to accomplish. Caivon exceeds to be an environmental- and ethicalfriendly company in line with a affordable fashion brand. These qualities does not yet normally go hand in hand. Therefore they came up with an idea: to give you, the consumer, more power. And the privelidge to choose what you want to wear. 


Have you heard about crowd sourcing?

The concept is pretty cool. It is like crowd funding, except the offers and orders will be made on our homepage. 

We present you an evolutional way to decide what type of fabrics your garments will have, and how much they should cost.

The garments you wear every day are a part of your identity and communicates who you are. 


Therefore the Caivon philosophy is for the conscious consumer that cares about tasteful, Scandinavian design and sustainable clothing with great quality. The modern but classic style appreciates the presence we live in, and yet gives the Caivon user a purpose to wear the garments decades to come. 


Caivon clothes are meant to stand the winds of time and to be worn over and over, at any occasion. 


Vision II: "All they really want is to be cool".

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