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Caivon's goal for 2016 is to start clothing production in larger scale. They also stribe to be an environmental- and ethical friendly brand.
To maintain both, they ask for your involvement. 


The next step is that Caivon needs feedback on future garments. 

This method is globally known as crowdsourcing. An innovative way to research the market, so companies can think before they act.

Regarding clothing production, this method can save resources and excessive products, by determening the demand and sales before production. It is thereby environmental-friendly.

Crowdsourcing also gives the consumer more power.

You choose what you wear. What your clothes are made of. Where they  are made. What pricetag you are willing to pay for that chosen product. This way of choosing and participating is ethical-friendly. 


The jackets shown on this page are prototypes of some of Caivon designs. By submitting your interest in owning one or both of these jackets, it would determine the demand for the Caivon products.

This is a test-round, so please do not order or inquire any items that you would not ultimately buy.  


Join this exciting and evolutional journey. Shape Caivon's future.

Submit your interest or order by sending 

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